LEVEL-TRAC is a member of the TELE-TRAC family and allows the user to monitor the volumes in a tank to high levels of accuracy in both a static and dynamic environment. This low powered device lasts for years in the field and can work in most liquid and solid mediums including, oil, water, acids, alkaline, grains, sands/aggregates & granular food stuffs. It’s on board GSM/Bluetooth/LoRa communications allows for both local area and national monitoring.
The VARI-TRAC Level Sensor product provides in one integrated package a complete fluid level measurement and tracking solution that combines the best of sensory, GPS, battery, communication security and wide area communications technology.
The Sensor is a microcontroller-based capacitive fluid level measurement system, which uses GSM cellular telecommunications for long range and Bluetooth LE for local data transfer. The system also has several other sensors to allow for interaction with the operational environment. This includes a 3-axis motion sensor, accurate temperature sensor. The system is designed for long battery life operations and will utilize a non-rechargeable Lithium Thionyl battery that has a 10-year shelf life.
Combining these technologies delivers a system which can provide control applications with all necessary data and control to run supply chain visibility, asset management, and security type of operations. The Unit can be managed and controlled from central back office software console.


• ARM Cortex M4 Microcontroller running RTOS
• MicroSD card local storage option for more than 300 Million encrypted update messages
• GPS tracking module
• GPRS communications module
• Bluetooth LE communication module
• Dedicated hardware cryptography chip for secure key storage, hardware RNG, UID, etc.
• Variety of sensors like temperature, 3D accelerometer