About Us

Vari-Trac Group is a global company, headquartered in the UK which designs and build products specifically for intended applications within the asset monitoring, tracking and telemetry industries. In addition we also provide the required services to install, operate and maintain such solutions.


The management team within Vari-Trac has an unrivalled balance of knowledge from an array of industries which includes - Wireless communications, Oil and Rail, Plant and Mining ,Construction , Electronics, Manufacturing & Distribution . Vari-Trac has designed products and solutions that not only meet but exceed existing standards and our solutions are designed to meet the requirements of future legislation.

VARI-TRAC is able of offer Customised solutions though our agile product range. Our solutions are ATEX compliant and can be adapted to perform in most industries and applications.

"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

Abraham Lincoln


Track the GPS position of your asset.

Speed & Acceleration.

Liquid & Solid Storage Levels.

Hazardous & Toxic Waste.





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